From start to finish—we deliver results that meet your goals.

Our decades of experience provide invaluable insights to guide decision-making and execution from initial concept through construction and rent commencement. We manage complex land use conversions to shape city skylines and capitalize on inherent real estate value. We illuminate the impacts of all decisions on financial returns. We fully integrate with your team. We help you define and meet your objectives.

Areas of Expertise

  • Feasibility Studies & Due Diligence

    We help you make decisions informed by accurate data, including site selection criteria and analysis, environmental review studies, existing conditions surveys, and a review of regulatory and zoning issues that may impact your project.

  • Project Team Assembly

    Once the project is conceptualized, we help you create and manage a unified design team and identify related essential consultants, ensuring you get the most qualified firms and consultants.

  • Pre-Development Process Management

    Our team will present you with options and alternatives for key decisions, analyze the hard and soft cost implications of each option, and provide you with insights and information related to the nuances of regulatory and approval timelines.

  • Budget & Schedule Development

    We work closely with you on budgeting to anticipate all costs for planning, design, and construction, and to build a schedule that includes both macro and milestone summaries that identify all key milestones and deliverables.

  • Regulatory & Zoning Insight

    Our depth of experience working in some of the most challenging development markets in the country, combined with our local presence in key markets, allows us to offer unique insight into regulatory and zoning issues impacting your project.

  • Development Management

    When projects promise returns that meet or exceed your requirements, our team can lead the way. From idea refinement to real asset performance, we procure and manage the design consultants needed to advance concepts. We work with cities and other approval agencies to navigate intricate political and entitlement processes. We advise on the best construction methodologies, assist with arranging financing, and provide oversight of all aspects while keeping track of financial performance in real time.