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Northern Manitoba Health Centre Offers Holistic Approach to Healthcare

The HHMHC offers essential healthcare and community services to 8,000 Indigenous and non-Indigenous residents in a culturally representative environment, surrounded by nature. Learn more about how the project team came together to deliver this meaningful facility in the height of the pandemic.


Cross Lake Band of Indians


Cross Lake, Manitoba

Project Scale

$57.1 Million

Healing mind, body and spirit

The Howard Halcrow Memorial Health Centre (HHMHC) is located approximately 800 kilometers north of Winnipeg along the shore of the Nelson River in Cross Lake, Manitoba. Under the governance of the Cross Lake Band of Indians (CLBOI), the HHMHC offers primary, emergency and community care services to more than 8,000 Indigenous and non-Indigenous residents.

The 57,050 sq. ft. health facility offers culturally appropriate spaces to support Cross Lake’s growing community and facilitate the healing of patrons’ mind, body and spirit. Essential healthcare and community services provided at the centre include emergency and preventative medical care, dental services, mental health supports and more.

The health complex’s thoughtful design blends cultural traditions, heritage and a connection to nature. A large Indigenous-designed mural draws the attention of patrons on arrival. Medical and community-based services are organized in two separate wings of the building, anchored around a large exterior courtyard. The building’s large windows allow patients, staff and visitors to take in natural light, as well as views of the forest, landscaping and outdoor community spaces.

A future phase of the project will expand HHMHC’s services to include in-patient treatment, surgery, maternal newborn care and a renal dialysis program.

Communication and collaboration

CLBOI engaged Colliers Project Leaders to provide project management and operational readiness services throughout the design, procurement and construction of the health centre.

The project entered the construction phase at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Located in a remote community, protecting the health of Cross Lake’s residents was of utmost importance. Our project managers regularly communicated with CLBOI, the community’s nursing staff and the contractor regarding the implementation of health and safety measures to keep the community safe, while also minimizing project schedule and cost impacts.

We collaborated with CLBOI and contractors to identify opportunities to engage local labour, materials, equipment and accommodations in an effort to maximize the project’s economic benefit in the community. As a result, a number of local electrical and mechanical apprentices participated in the construction of the facility and gained hours towards their certifications.

The completion of the HHMHC provides access to a wider range of healthcare services to the Cross Lake community in a space which reflects the local culture, community and natural beauty that surrounds the site.