Intarcia Therapeutics


Boston, MA

Project Scale

44,000 gsf

Bold, innovative office space.

The biopharmaceutical company, Intarcia Therapeutics, hired Colliers Project Leaders for project management services for the design of their international headquarters office in Boston, MA.

The bold new office design incorporates flexible workspace with state-of-the-art moveable walls to adapt for a variety of needs. It also includes a customer experience suite providing a space to display and demonstrate products with mock procedures.

Colliers established the project team and worked to build strong relationships and communication, critical to the successful delivery of the project. Unique to this project was commissioned artwork that needed to be incorporated into the design of the office, requiring progressive design collaboration between ACTWO and artist, Kelly Milukas.

The stunning space was delivered per the client budget and schedule and won the Corenet Global New England, Best Small Interior Renovation of 2017 award.

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