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Equilibrium/Green Gas Partners Renewable Natural Gas Facility

Colliers Project Leaders is providing project management and commissioning services for a new renewable natural gas facility that will aid in the reduction of carbon emissions.


Equilibrium/Green Gas Partners


Maricopa, AZ

Project Scale

150,000 gsf

Supporting projects that reduce carbon emissions.

Colliers is providing project management and commissioning services for Equilibrium Capital during the construction of their new Renewable Natural Gas - Anaerobic Digester facility in Maricopa, Arizona. The facility is one of 40 such facilities under construction in North America, reflecting the rapid growth in this area of renewable energy in the United States and Canada.

Responsibilities include developing and maintaining a project completion plan, collaborating with consultants and contractors, developing processes and templates for commissioning, and developing plans for quality control, and turnover to the plant’s operating team, mitigating risks to the project success.

The facility will collect manure from dairy farms and other methane producing feedstock in the surrounding area. The biogas produced by the anaerobic decomposition of manure will be processed so that the methane portion of the biogas (RNG) meet natural gas pipeline specifications. It will then be injected into the existing natural gas transmission and distribution system.

Production and use of renewable natural gas has the potential to make up a significant portion of natural gas consumption, while having a long-term environmental impact by reducing emissions and making our energy production and use more sustainable.

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