Parliament Hill in Ottawa

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Built in honour of WWII veterans, the West Memorial Building is undergoing a rehabilitation to conserve and modernize the historic building. The fit-up will temporarily house occupants of the Supreme Court of Canada during the next phase of the Judicial Precinct Programme.


Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC)


Ottawa, Ontario

Conserving Historical Landmarks

Built between 1954 and 1958, the West Memorial Building is a historical landmark honouring Canadians who served during the Second World War. Located at 344 Wellington Street in Ottawa, Ontario, the West Memorial Building spans an entire city block. It housed various government departments, including the Department of Trade and Commerce, until becoming unusable in 2008 due to its age. In need of major construction work and updates, Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) is now rehabilitating the building to introduce modern functionality and ensure the safety and security of new occupants. The base building’s systems and envelope have also reached the end of their service life and require replacement or upgrades to bring them up to code.

Architecturally, the West Memorial Building contributes to downtown Ottawa’s historically recognizable landscape and is part of a larger program of work to conserve and modernize heritage sites. Plans to rehabilitate the West Memorial Building mark the first phase of this program of work. Once complete, the facility will temporarily host Supreme Court of Canada Building occupants and visitors as the program shifts into its next phase of work.

To ensure the building provides a modern and functional workspace for the Supreme and Federal Courts, the rehabilitation will address the building’s accessibility, seismic performance, health and safety, sustainability, technology, and conservation of its heritage characteristics. Once complete, the space will include two functional courtyards enclosed with skylights. The east courtyard will become the new Grand Hall equipped with an acoustic chandelier, and a glass enclosed elevator enveloped by a circular stairway. The upper level of the west courtyard will become the new Supreme Court courtroom, fitted with the latest audio-visual technology, and the lower level of the west courtyard will house two Court Administrative Services courtrooms. The sustainable design will blend the old and new by preserving the building’s heritage characteristics, such as the building’s original stone and windows, while also incorporating new skylights, sheer walls, furniture and technology. In compliance with federal sustainability objectives, the project has already received a certificate for achievement in green design and is rated with four Green Globes – a standard that reflects its sustainability for years to come.

Long-standing support

Our joint venture team has been providing integrated project management services to the Judicial Precinct Programme for the past six years, and will continue to do so under the National Capital Area Project Delivery Contract.

In addition to our project support services, our furniture, equipment planning and move readiness team is working with the Supreme Court of Canada team to develop a comprehensive move management plan to successfully relocate the Supreme Court of Canada occupants into their interim accommodations at the West Memorial Building.

Economic benefits

The rehabilitation of the West Memorial Building’s 20,000 square metres of space will provide local and national economic benefits to Canadians – creating jobs in construction, manufacturing and professional services, while also incorporating sustainable design features into an existing heritage building.

Our team is proud to support PSPC in their efforts to rehabilitate this historic building.