City of Iqaluit Aquatics Centre

The City of Iqaluit predicted a rise in population up to 13,000 by 2030. To accommodate the changing needs of the community, the city built a new aquatics centre. The project succeeded in 2016, as scheduled, and under budget.


City of Iqaluit


Iqaluit, NU

Project Scale

38,000 sq. ft.

Making a splash.

Our project management team was working in a remote location with a small window of opportunity to access construction materials and ship construction waste back to Montreal while the Bay in Iqaluit was free of ice. Over a four-year period, we oversaw the planning, construction, and delivery of the 38,000 sq. ft., multi-use facility. The new aquatics centre is built on a former U.S. army base brownfield site with contaminated soil. To overcome this, the building sits on over 300 six-inch-diameter steel piles with a corrosion-resistant foundation system. All construction waste was loaded into containers and shipped back to Montreal to be recycled. The team completed the project in December 2016, on time and $500,000 under budget.

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