Canada Post Downtown Toronto Delivery Centre

Canada Post is expanding their footprint in downtown Toronto with the development of a new 42,000 sq. ft. delivery centre.


Canada Post


Toronto, ON

Project Scale

42,000 sq. ft.

Responding to the growing demand of Canadian shoppers.

According to Canada Post’s 2019 E-Commerce Benchmark Report , 80% of Canadians are shopping online. 45% of e-shoppers in Canada live in urban areas and 58% of all online buyers make more than seven purchases a year.

To meet the growing demand for parcel shipping and delivery, Canada Post is building a new 42,000 sq. ft. delivery centre to service the downtown Toronto area. Acting as the Construction Manager on the project, our team met challenges with innovative solutions to ensure the delivery of the facility remained uninterrupted.

Solutions included a plan to address unique municipality requirements, communication and monitoring of utility provider scopes, installation of dewatering systems to address high water tables, and procurement of steel pile foundations, structural floor slabs, and methane gas collection to mitigate soil conditions uncovered by the brownfield site.

Additionally, our team was involved with stakeholder communication, design and constructability reviews, and project meetings. To ensure the project meets its intended completion date, our team provides full-time construction supervision and trade management, conducts weekly construction meetings, coordinates change requests, and uncovers cost-saving opportunities.