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Commissioning Providers Fill Gaps Between Designers, Builders, Owners

July 2, 2020

Evan Wyner, Senior Director of Commissioning and Energy Services at Colliers Project Leaders USA, explains the important role commissioning providers can play in filling in gaps between designers, builders, and owners in particular in a post-COVID-19 world where potential prevention measures can have an impact on the energy and operational aspects of the building.

NEW YORK CITY—Designing a building can be a busy, chaotic and somewhat messy process. It is a complicated negotiation between theory and practice in which architects create the vision and the aesthetic of the building and its related spaces, structural engineers develop the bones that ensure the building is sound, while the mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers develop the systems that help create the experience of the space and keep people comfortable, productive, healthy, and safe in the most energy-efficient manner possible.

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