7 Ways to Support Your Capital Planning and Project Implementation Needs

Your campus is a dynamic place with constantly changing needs and priorities. Here are 7 ways we can help optimize your campus planning and facility management efforts.

7 Ways to Support Your Capital Planning and Project Implementation Needs

We know your campus is a dynamic place with constantly changing needs and priorities, sometimes with limited resources to get the work done. This is especially true when it comes to campus planning and facility management. But you don’t have to do it alone.

With 25 years of higher education and independent schools experience, Colliers Project Leaders has developed a thorough understanding of the campus environment and has a diverse range of services to help support you and your campus.

Our multidisciplinary team of industry leaders can work with your team to evaluate your assets and determine their highest and best use. We can identify repair and modernization needs and offer detailed options for informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Here are the top 7 ways we can help optimize your campus planning and facility management efforts.


Campus / Master Planning Assistance

Strategic planning lets you step back from daily challenges of facilities operation to consider how your campus can better align with your institutional goals and academic mission. We can guide and assist you in this planning process to ensure your master plan aligns with your strategic plan.


Capital Improvement Planning

We provide valuable insights needed to weigh the costs, benefits, and prioritization of capital projects, allowing the identification of solutions with the greatest impact and return. We examine every aspect of your facilities’ needs, identify multiple options, and analyze the financial and programming impact of each scenario.

Services include:

  • Comprehensive Strategic Planning
  • Facilities Conditions Assessments
  • Building Programming & Feasibility Analysis
  • Space Quantification and Utilization Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies & Due Diligence
  • Budget & Schedule Development
  • Regulatory & Zoning Oversight

Deferred Maintenance Projects

Don’t let “summer slammers” overwhelm you. We can help you with early planning and project implementation, making your deferred maintenance backlog manageable.

Developing a strategic plan to direct your limited resources towards the highest priority need is vital to this process. We can help identify the maintenance, repair, and regulatory compliance needs of your facilities, including the associated cost and the relative priority of each project. By providing accurate and critical data you can make the most informed decisions for planning maintenance, minimizing cost, and limiting the impact on campus life.


Staff Augmentation / On-Call Support

As great as your team is, there are times you may not have the available personnel or in-house expertise to troubleshoot a problem or complete a project. That’s where our team comes in. Acting as an extension of your team we can provide the skills and capacity to help fill in gaps on your team and execute your plans successfully.

Similar to staff augmentation, we also provide on-call services and are available to help you only when you need it. When you have a project need arise, we are already approved and ready to assist. Our experts are only a phone call away.


Project Management

We provide expert project management support that minimizes risk, maximizes value, ensures construction quality, and keeps your capital projects on budget and schedule. We do this by providing unbiased, independent client advocacy for every phase of project planning and execution.

We have experience in all project types—from new building construction and complex renovations to interior improvements and system replacements. With a proven track record of adding value to any project, engaging our project managers early in the initial planning stages and continuing through the design, construction and occupancy phases gives you the best opportunity to manage the schedule, reduce cost and control the project outcome.

Services include:

  • Site Selection and Due Diligence
  • Project Budget & Schedule Development
  • Design & Construction Team Selection & Contract
  • Design Oversight, Review & Management
  • Value Engineering
  • Coordinate and Monitor Construction Activities
  • Financial & Schedule Tracking and Reporting
  • Coordinate and Oversee Commissioning
  • Manage FF&E and Move Coordination
  • Project Punch list and Closeout Management


Buildings and systems that perform optimally boost owner satisfaction, improve operating costs, and enhance the comfort and safety of staff and students. Our commissioning experts provide an objective and technical focus throughout the commissioning process. We identify potential exposures and help you make decisions at every stage of project planning and implementation.

Our unique dual perspective sets us apart—technical expertise to evaluate, understand, and critique systems design and the operational knowledge to maximize systems and equipment performance.

Services include:

  • Operations and Maintenance Design Review
  • Building Systems Inspection and Testing
  • LEED® Certification Commissioning
  • Building Operations Testing
  • Service System Training
  • Third Party Reviews
  • Building Envelope Commissioning (BECx)
  • Data Analytics/Continuous Commissioning (CCx)
  • Monitoring-Based Commissioning (MBCx)
  • Existing Building Retro- or Re-Commissioning

Energy Efficiency

As the nation’s consciousness of energy awareness and the sustainable movement continues to evolve, Colliers has been increasingly sought out by public and private entities to assist in realizing the optimal performance of mechanical, electrical and envelope systems of buildings. Through our energy auditing and retro-commissioning services, we have worked to provide our clients significant and persistent strategies for energy efficiencies.

We can help identify and implement cost-effective improvements that reduce carbon and energy expenses by lowering consumption and improving operating and maintenance practices that can sustain these benefits over time.

Services include:

  • Energy Audits
  • Central Plant and Building Optimization
  • Energy Program Development & Management